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10 Easy Steps for a Stress-free Trip to the Cabin.

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From my experience in taking trips to different cabins over the years,
I have generated some tips that will save you time and money.


1. Make a List Before You Start Packing.

Saves time!!! Guaranteed! The list can also be used when leaving the cabin to make sure you don’t leave that cell phone charger in the kitchen!!!

2. Know Where You are Going!

Everyone enjoys driving, however it’s easy to get stuck in traffic, encounter road construction or just get lost in the countryside. Print several copies of driving directions and maps with alternative routes. Consider getting a GPS navigation system for your car. Check them out: GPS Navigation

3. Check With the Cabin Owner…

Ask the cabin owner in advance what is going to be provided in the cabin. Also find out if the cabin has grill/oven and/or microwave. This can help you to plan in advance and think of alternative meals in case of bad weather. This will save you time packing unnecessary items.

4. Bring Bottled Water!

Bring at least a 12-pack of bottled water. Occasionally, some cabins might have smelly or brown water. You will be glad to have an “emergency” water supply to drink, cook, brush your teeth with and maybe even wash your hands.

5. Prepare to Have Fun!

Most cabin owners have information about things to do in and around the cabin posted on the Print out a guide of hiking trails and surrounding lakes near your destination.

6. If You Get Lost…

When asking for directions, ask local restaurant owners or gas station staff. So many times we were misguided by fellow vacationers.

7. Get Some Freetime.

If you are traveling with kids or pets, bring something to distract them with so that you can have time for stress-free unpacking and cooking. Coloring books work great for kids and chew bones work great for dogs.

8. In Case of an Emergency…

Don’t forget to pack a “medicine bag”. I have one that I take to all our trips. Besides personal hygiene stuff, you should always bring bandages, skin disinfectants, allergy medicine, upset stomach medicine, sun block and anti-bug spray.

9. Leave All Your Valuables at Home.

Do not bring any valuables with you. It’s easy to loose expensive jewelry in the woods.

10. Have Fun!!!

Turn off your cell phones and pagers and enjoy your vacation and the outdoors! Don’t forget to go swimming at least once as well as sit around the campfire and look at the stars.

Special Thanks to Elena Reytel For This Article.

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