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Check in and check out time: The standard check-in time is 4 pm and check out time is 1o am. Check-in time lasts till 10 pm. Generally, check in time differs from cabin to cabin depending on the location of the cabin, the time of the year and demand. However, extra charges may be placed for early/late check-in. Very rarely, we might experience some delay in getting your cabin ready. When this happens, we will appreciate your patience. When you arrive, use the lockbox code you receive from our office to go into your cabin.


Smoking: Smoking is only allowed outside the cabins, and ashtrays are provided for sanitation purposes and to prevent forest fires. A penalty of….. will be charged if found smoking in the cabins.


Occupancy, housekeeping, and amenities: All occupants of a cabin must be registered and occupied by an adult of 18 years or more. Any vacation group without an 18-year-old adult will not be allowed to rent a property. Do not exceed the stipulated number of occupants for each cabin. Upon arrival, basic things like paper towels, soap, toilet towels, a trash bag, and some kitchenware and utensils are provided. Kindly report any damages you notice as you check in to the cabin and we will do our best to carry out the repairs immediately. The amenities may vary from cabin to cabin as the different cabins are owned by different people. The cabins are cleaned regularly, but more cleanings may attract additional charges.


Pets: Specific properties are pet-friendly while others are not. However, pets are not allowed into the non-pet friendly properties, and a penalty of ….. will be charged for bringing a pet into such areas. Also, guests will be liable for any damages caused by their pets during their stay. If a pet is found to be unfriendly to strangers they are required to be in crates if its owner is not in the cabin. However, if an unfriendly pet is not in a crate and staff is prohibited from accessing the property, an additional penalty fee will be charged. 


Reservation and liability: The reservation contact is responsible for all guests within a property. The card on file will be billed for all damages incurred by guests during their stay. Damages incurred by guests of guests will be charged on the card on file. By accepting the reservation policies, guests accept liability for any damages done to furniture, amenities during their stay. Cabin Trips will not be liable for health damages, injuries, accidents, or loss/ damage of personal belongings of guests. Cabin Trips reserve the right to bill the card on file for any loss/ stolen/removed property or amenity in the cabin.


Refunds: Upon check-in, there will be no refund for any reason. There will be no refund for malfunction of any amenities, location of cabins, weather conditions, the presence of insects/critters or wildlife and poor road conditions. Please make sure you confirm the location of your preferred cabins before you make reservations. For every malfunction, we will do our possible best to carry out repairs as soon as possible.


Swimming pools, hot tubs, whirlpools, and saunas: Some properties do not have access to pools and hot tubs while some do. For properties with pools, life jackets and lifeguards are not provided on duty. Swimming is done at the total risk of guests. For properties with hot tubs, each hot tub is cleaned after the departure of each guest. However, guests should not damage, sit, stand, or misuse the hot tub cover. A penalty fee of….. will be charged on any damage done to the hot tub cover. For risks associated with the use of any of our amenities, consult with your physician. We will not be liable for any damages or injuries suffered from the use of any facility.


Weather/ driving conditions: We have no control over the weather, and so we will not be liable for the change in weather conditions after reservations. Also, remember that you are in the mountains, and the roads in the mountains can be steep. There will be no refund for change in weather condition or difficulty in accessing the roads. Please confirm the condition of the road around a property before making reservations.


Insects and wildlife: Cabin Trips takes the time to treat all properties for pests regularly. However, some insects make their way back into the cabins occasionally. But, there will be no refund for such rare occasions. Meanwhile, do well to keep windows and doors closed and keep all trash in the right places as you stay in the mountains.


Emergency: Our office/ front desk is open from 8 am thru 10 pm daily. You can come in to report any emergency concerning the property or call the number on the confirmation letter posted to your cabin. For health, personal emergencies, call 911.


Feedbacks: At Cabin Trips we hold our customers in high esteem. And we are continually improving on new ways to serve you better. We would love to hear from you. Kindly leave a comment about your stay, and we will pass it on to our homeowners.

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